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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No Snow .....No Problem!!

What you will need:
Old plastic container like the old baby bath or old plastic tray even a n old Tyre would work.
+_ 4 or more empty 2lt plastic ice cream containers ( depending on the size of the tray used above)
Cable ties
Dill or cordless drill
kids that are willing to make it and also willing to be daring enough to use it

To start you need to half fill the ice cream containers with water and freeze .
Drill two holes in the front of your plastic tray/bath to make the handle using the rope.
Now take the ice out the containers and drill 4 to 8 holes in the ice (slowly).
Turn the tray/bath upside down place the ice on it to mark the container so you can drill the container.
Take the cable ties and strap ice to the tray/bath ( try to strap to the inside )
Now you’re done, so try and enjoy.

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